A waterfront community celebrating New York City’s rich maritime history


The Brooklyn Barge is a vibrant waterfront community with a restaurant and bar on a floating barge. We partner with leading educational organizations in the city to provide space for experiential learning and environmental study of the East River. Our recreational water activities include kayaking, sailing and fishing, plus scientific and historic programs dedicated to building a community center in Greenpoint.


Partners Jim Gill, Matt Perricone and Thomas Morgan have over 40 years of  maritime experience and have brought the barge, which spends winters ashore in the Hudson Valley,  to its seasonal home in the East River, near 3 Milton Street in Greenpoint.

Jim Gill, Managing Partner

jim gill Managing PartnerJim Gill grew up in coastal Connecticut and has had a fascination with the waterfront for as long as he can remember. After spending several years in the British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands, working as an underwater videographer for a dive company and as a floor manager with the restaurants at the Hyatt Hotel Group, he returned to New York and continued working in both the hospitality and marine industries. In addition to floor managing at local restaurants in Manhattan, Gill spend 12 years in the video production field and spent nine years as a ferry boat captain in the New York Harbor, and later became the Director of Marine Operations for a 4 ½ mile waterfront park in Manhattan. As an active member of New York’s maritime industry and a waterfront enthusiast, Gill has long hoped to encourage more New Yorkers to explore and enjoy the city’s underappreciated coastline. After befriending commercial mariner Matthew Perricone and avid outdoorsman/US Navy veteran Thomas Morgan, Gill decided it was time to bring his vision for a more robust waterfront community to life through The Brooklyn Barge. Together, Gill and Perricone oversee all programming for the Barge’s summer season, which includes catch-and-release fishing; kayaking, SUP [stand up paddleboard], and sailing lessons; and visits from historic schooners, whalers, and tugs.

Thomas J. Morgan, Managing Partner

Thomas J. Morgan, Managing PartneNew York City native Thomas J. Morgan has had a long and eclectic career prior to his involvement with The Brooklyn Barge. Trained as an electrician, Morgan also spent a decade on reserve for the US Navy.  Morgan then went into the FDNY and served as a New York City fireman, a post from which he retired in 2008. In 2002, Morgan and a partner opened a physical therapy and sports performance facility in New York City, where Morgan managed all business operations. An avid outdoorsman and recreational boater, Morgan befriended one of his patients, maritime enthusiast Jim Gill, who eventually brought Morgan on as a managing partner in the Brooklyn Barge. At The Brooklyn Barge, Morgan oversees all day-to-day operations of the businesses, and is excited to develop a space that allows New Yorkers closer access with their local waterfront.

Matt Perricone, Managing Partner

Matt Perricone, Managing PartnerNew York native Matt Perricone has been working in the commercial marine industry for 13 years. Trained as a marine engineer and licensed with the US Coast Guard, Perricone spent several years working on tugboats and barges with a large oil company before deciding that in addition to being able to fix boats, he wanted to also operate them. After earning  his captain’s license, Perricone decided to purchase and refurbish a vintage tugboat, which lead him to a community of tugboat preservationists and maritime supporters, including Jim Gill, who eventually invited him on-board The Brooklyn Barge project. Perricone is the owner of the barge itself, and was responsible for all construction and fabrication on the vessel. Perricone is excited to share his lifelong enthusiasm for all things boat-and-coast related with the Brooklyn waterfront community this summer. Together, Perricone and Gill oversee all programming for the Barge’s summer season, which includes catch-and-release fishing; kayaking, SUP [stand up paddleboard], and sailing lessons; and visits from historic schooners, whalers, and tugs.


Lunch and Dinner Menu 2016


Guacamole with Pickled Jalapeno 9
Served with Old Bay crinkle cut chips

Summer Ale Pork Sliders 14
Pulled pork, tangy BBQ sauce, coleslaw, potato roll

Kale Caesar Salad 8
Kale, sunflower seeds, cotija cheese
(Add: chicken, shrimp or fish for 6)

House Salad 9
Greens, pecans, tomatos, red onions, citrus dressing
(Add: chicken, shrimp or fish for 6)

Spicy Chicken Skewers 13
Crushed peanut dipping sauce

Walk the Plank Pork “Fries” 11
Cornmeal dusted fried pork belly, Korean chili sauce

Old Bay French Fries 5

Tugboat Fries 14
Topped with BBQ pork, cheddar, jalapenos

Grilled and Chilled Corn in a Cup 7
Mexican style corn, crema, cotija cheese, lime

Harpooned Shrimp 16
Garlic-tomatillo salsa

Churros 5
Mexican fried dough, cinnamon sugar



Grilled 1⁄4Lb Hot Dog One for 6 /Two for 11
Grilled tomatillo relish


Featuring Corn Tortillas from Hot Bread Kitchen
Served with marinated cabbage, pickled onions,
Raphael’s Salsa Verde, cilantro, lime wedges

Two for 9/Three for 12
Garlic Shrimp/Adobo Chicken/Chipotle Pork/
Grilled Fish/Marinated Skirt Steak


(All sandwiches served with rotini pasta salad)
*Gluten-free buns available*

The Barge Burger 16
Cheddar, fancy sauce, pickles

Jamaican Jerk Grilled Chicken Sandwich 16
Lettuce, tomato, mayo

Blackened Fish Sandwich 16
Tilapia, shredded lettuce, tomato, grilled lemon tartar

Crispy Chicken Sandwich 16
Kale slaw, Sriracha mayo

Veggie Burger 16
Kale burger, Raphael’s Salsa Verde


2016 Summer Season

The Brooklyn Barge is a waterfront community celebrating New York City’s rich maritime history and serving the Greenpoint area. We are dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the East River and have opened our space to a variety of recreational and educational organizations who share our vision of a clean and vibrant East River.


Billion Oyster Project is an ecosystem restoration and education project aimed at restoring one billion live oysters to New York Harbor and engaging hundreds of thousands of school children through restoration based STEM education programs.


4-5 times per month
Tug Cornell
Mystic Whaler

Stand up paddle boarding and Kayak lessons
10:00 am – Sunset


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Monday & Tuesday: 4pm-close

Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-1am